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"My job is to make
your health easy."

- Lindsey Rahn

Health for Real People

Everyone has a different body. Everyone has different goals. Whether you're looking for help maintaining a healthy weight, improving your strength and mobility, or generally improving your health, you've come to the right place.

No diet pills, no fad diets, no quick fix gimmicks. Just nutritious food, energizing movement, and healthy habits.

Meet your trainer!

Hi! I’m Lindsey Rahn, a NASM certified personal trainer and nutritionist located in San Antonio, Texas. As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve run several marathons, half marathons, and I’ve also competed in powerlifting. I’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy weight my entire adult life and am still progressing on my journey. I’ve learned that my path to health is unique, and so is yours! I’m passionate about helping clients overcome their health obstacles and empowering them to take control of their wellness. When I’m not working, you can find me launching rockets at the park with my husband and three kids, playing the drum set and piano, and losing at Monopoly.

Personalized Plans with You In Mind

Nutrition Coaching

  • 30-60 Minutes
  • Starting at $50
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Exercise Plans

  • 5 week plans
  • $90 each
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Live Group Meetings

  • Meet Weekly via Zoom
  • $90 per Month
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Nutrition Coaching

  As a certified nutritionist, I'll work with you to build a nutrition plan that's right for your body, your goals, and your tastes. In a world where you're constantly bombarded with the next fad diet, the next new pill, and society's obsession with being the "right" weight, I'll help you sort through the noise to make a lifestyle that's right for you. We'll focus on healthy habits and proper portioning for long term health and short term success without starving yourself or cutting out the foods you love.

  • • One-on-one sessions conducted live over Zoom.
  • • Set up recurring appointments or book them as needed.
  • • Personalised nutrition plan for your body, activity level, goals and tastes.
  • • Habit based coaching and accountability.
  • • Access to Lindsey Rahn Fitness Exclusive Members Only Community on Facebook.
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Personalized Exercise Plans

  Everyone is different, and everyone likes to move their body in a different way. As a certified personal trainer, I will build you the best workout for your unique lifestyle. Every workout is made individually, with the client’s needs and goals in mind.

  • • 5 week plan using Progressive Overload to improve fitness quickly.
  • • Contact-free program delivered to your inbox.
  • • Workout on your own schedule with no live meetings.
  • • Programs that will use the equipment you have available at home or the gym.
  • • Access to Lindsey Rahn Fitness Exclusive Members Only Community on Facebook.
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Live Accountability Groups

  We’re all on this journey together. In a live accountability group, you’ll have a chance to give and receive support in a social setting. Sharing experiences and accountability with others who are also working toward their unique goals will motivate and inspire everyone in the group.

  • • Contact-free Zoom groups that meet weekly.
  • • Live coaching, accountability and support from myself, and the group members.
  • • A safe and inclusive space to share your wins, questions, and get feedback.
  • • Access to Lindsey Rahn Fitness Exclusive Members Only Community on Facebook.
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Let's Get Started

Contact me to schedule your free 1 hour consultation!

Simply fill out the form or shoot me an email.

Email: lindseyrahn@gmail.com

Facebook: Lindsey Rahn Fitness